A modern fully-featured starter for a marketing website


Odyssey is a modern theme/starter for a business or startup's marketing website. It provides landing page examples, a full-featured blog, contact forms, and more. It is also fully theme-able to match your business' branding and style. It even includes a theme switcher component to show how easily the entire style of the site can be changed with only a few lines of CSS.


  • A Fully-featured Blog with Tagging
  • Fully theme-able styles for buttons, shapes, backgrounds, surfaces, etc.
  • Responsive mobile-friendly landing pages
  • SEO Best Practices (Open Graph, Canonical URLs, sitemap)
  • Performant Google Fonts Setup
  • Contact Forms Setup for Netlify, Formspree, Formspark, etc.
  • A package of ready-to-use UI components